NES Receives DAP Grant
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Thursday, October 05, 2017
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Mr. Carl and Mrs. Bunton are proud to announce Northside Elementary as one of the recipients of the SC Distinguished Arts Grant (DAP) for this school year. Our school arts program won $18,000 to be used in our art and music classes for supplies, arts integration into regular education classes, as well as training for both arts teachers and several classroom teachers. More info will be sent out as well as updates as to how this grant is being used at our school. So far, music has received ukuleles, recorders, keyboards, headphones for the keyboards, boomwhackers, and more instruments are on the way to be used in the regular ed classes as needed. Mr. Carl has begun the process of ordering clay, supplies to used with the clay, new pens, markers, pencils, paint, brushes, different types of paper, and various other consumable items for use in his art class as well as regular education classes. Cottageville Elementary also received the grant making our two schools the first in the district to ever receive this wonderful and prestigious award.

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