Superintendent Spearman Visits NES
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Thursday, January 26, 2017
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Superintendent Spearman Visits NES

The students and staff at Northside Elementary School enjoyed a visit from our State Superintendent of Education, Mrs. Molly Spearman. Mr. Arden Murray (4th grader) and Ms. Naomi Vega (5th grader) were proud student ambassadors for our guests. During Superintendent Spearman's hour and thirty minute visit, these two students were able to tell about their learning experiences at NES. They were also able to eat lunch with the superintendent,our school board members, district administrators, and NES' principal and assistant principal while sharing their hopes for the future. Additionally, Arden and Naomi served as tour guides as the state superintendent and her team walked the halls of excellence at NES. Thanks Arden and Naomi! You guys were phenomenal!

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