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Mission Statement

The mission of Northside's library media program is to ensure all students along with their teachers and guardians develop a lifelong appreciation for literature and reading and become effective users of information in order to be educated, productive citizens.

 Long-Range Learning Goals

1. Students will develop an appreciation of literature by being exposed to various forms of literature and numerous authors.

2. Students will apply learned methods to independently choose books from various genres.

3. Students will become effective users of information, including both print and digital resources.

 Library Schedule

Northside's library is open daily from 7:30-3:15.  We operate on a fixed schedule with all students coming to the library once per week.  If you would like to know which day your child visits the library, just look under the file link at the top of this page.

 Checkout Policy

All students are given a lesson on book care.  Students are responsible for any book that they check out from the library.  First graders check out one book at a time.  Students in 2nd-5th grades check out two books at a time.  Students must return their book each week or bring it in for renewal. 

Computer Use

Students at Northside are encouraged to use the computers in the library, computer lab, and classrooms.  However, all students must return a signed AUP form each year before they are allowed to use the computer.  AUP forms are sent home at the start of each school year.  You may also find it under the form link on the left-hand side of this website.

Library Collection

Northside's print collection for checkout includes just under 12,000 books arranged in standard Dewey Decimal format.  All of our fiction books are lexiled and our other books are in the process of being lexiled. 

Book Fairs

Northside has two book fairs each year.  Profits from these fairs help to buy library supplies and additional materials for checkout.


S- Stay in your area
T- Take care of materials
A- Always follow directions the first time given
R- Respect others
S- Stay safe